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About Us
In the 1980's, most people booked a vacation through a Travel Agent. Colleges and Universities where among the few places where the Internet existed.

Today billions of people have access to the Internet and only a few people book a vacation through a Travel Agent.

The Travel Agent's job was to promote vacation packages, cruises and tours.

They traveled, cruised and took tours to help sell these services to customers by telling stories about their experiences on this wonderful travel adventure.

Before you spend your hard earned dollars based on someone's review, you need to know why someone wrote it

What motivates a person to write a review on the Internet today?

They may write it because:
  • They get paid to write it.
  • They are very unhappy with the experience.
  • They had a great experience.
  • They want to bad mouth their competitors.

We get all our 'Travel Tips' from people we meet in person, by asking them "What do people do here for fun?"

After asking lots of people, we checkout the most popular places and things to do by creating a virtual tour video of the area.

Each video DVD has Walk-About, Sidewalk Talk, Table Talk and Employee Interview segments, to show the 'flavor' of the area.

You decide if these are people and places you would like to visit.



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